Makati City: Cosmopolitan Lifestyle at It’s Best

Makati City is best known as the Central Business District (CBD) of Metro Manila. What comes to mind when in Metro Manila is the warm hospitality and the happy faces of everyone you would meet in any of its cities. But the city that stands out, and where most expatriates settle down and have permanently relocated, is Makati, where the premier commercial, business, art and cultural centers in the Philippines are located.

Makati City exudes a vibrant and cosmopolitan ambiance as the city cradles the most progressive business and commercial centers in the Philippines. The city is comparable to New York and Tokyo where almost all businesses in the country set up their respective headquarters. With a revenue amounting to billions of pesos, Makati City is the richest city in the Philippines.

All bank headquarters, premier commercial, business and shopping centers, major business process outsourcing companies, and several multinational corporations contribute much to the Makati City’s coffers. All the modern business establishments are equipped with fiber optics system structures that enhance work related accessibility to international communications. Career opportunities are abundant for both locals and expatriates.

Makati Buildings

The high tech IT buildings in Makati City are all registered with the Philippine Export Zone Authority (PEZA), which allows investors to be exempt from paying corporate income tax up to eight years, from taxes and duties on imported capital wares, supplies, spare parts, and raw materials. Registering with PEZA also grants the foreign investors and their immediate family permanent residency status.

A glimpse of rich culture and arts scene of Filipino creativity and history can be experienced when visiting the Philippine Army Museum, Museo ng Makati, Manila Contemporary, Yuchengco Museum, The Drawing Room and Silverlens.

Other Makati City cultural entertainment venues are international institutions such as Instituto Cervantes and Alliance Francaise de Manille which present week-long festivities in celebration of their respective Spanish and French cinema. Onstage Greenbelt and the RCBC Theater regularly hold musicals, plays, and several live performances. There’s never a dull moment in Makati City.

With the international flavors in food, Makati City is a gastronomic destination with cozy cafes, fine dining restaurants, artisanal delis, hip pubs, and numerous gourmet specialty shops. Adding to international flair are the various consulates and embassies holding court in Makati City. With around 47 embassies and 40 consulates. It is a reassurance for any expat to know that they can stay in touch with any country representative should the need for any form of assistance arises. Makati City also houses various international organizations, including the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Makati Dinner Party

Not only does the business district exude the international flavors in art and culture. Several five-star residential developments also contribute to the distinctive global vibe that Makati City residents are enjoying today. The latest premiere property developments take the lion’s share in the market such as The San Antonio Residence.

Makati City residents enjoy living a cosmopolitan lifestyle where everything is close to where one works. Makati City’s most invigorating lifestyle hubs – Ayala and Greenbelt Centers are right at every doorstep of the most prestigious addresses in Metro Manila. (Cite property promotions here)

Greenbelt Mall Makati

Makati City is a walkable city where one can leisurely walk through underground walkways, covered overpasses and tree-lined wide sidewalks. Families can enjoy weekend bonding in the parks that are strategically located within the Central Business District.

Salcedo Park Makati

Salcedo Park Makati

The Philippines’ house prices are strongly rising. Makati City’s residential property market has performed well during the economic growth in the year 2016. The Philippines’ residential property price index, in general, shoot up by almost 9.2% according to the country’s central bank. Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). This is an indicator that the residential property prices in Makati City will continuously rise and any investment you put in today will yield the highest return of investments in the near future.

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