Alabang: Neo Cosmopolitan Living in the South

The Philippines is known for marvelous vacation destinations, with sandy beaches and scenic views of the country side and city living like in the Alabang, Muntinlupa City may not always be discussed in many real property fora. Little is known of this once quaint town until it became the business capital of the southern part of Metro Manila.

Alabang is the business district in the South that is fast becoming the place where successful businessmen converge. Alabang is formerly a farming village in Muntinlupa City that has been transformed into a big commercial center with various business establishments dotting its landscape.

Alabang is a conducive place for those wanting to be close to everything yet be in close proximity to places of leisure for a relaxing weekend getaway. Alabang is located in Muntinlupa City, the last city of the southern Metro Manila that you may come across before reaching the province of Laguna.

Most of the government offices have service branches in Alabang making all basic government transactions accessible to the general public. Makati City is about 15 minutes away via Skyway’s Alabang South Station toll gate by public transport.

There are three big malls in Alabang where residents can enjoy good food, shopping sprees and great entertainment, namely the Alabang, Town Center, Festival Alabang and Starmall Alabang. Alabang Town Center is most popular for stalls that carry name-brand products and fancy restaurants. Those running on a budget can head on to the Festival Alabang located in Filinvest City or scout for great finds at the Starmall located along the National Highway Indeed Alabang has become a hot spot for commercial and residential developments and continues to entice both real estate investors and home buyers alike.

Festival Mall Alabang

Festival Mall Alabang

For individuals working in business districts like Bonifacio Global City, Makati City and Manila Central Business District, traversing the Skyway to and from Alabang is a breeze. A significant number of expatriates that once took long term lease contracts in 3-4 bedroom houses in the gated subdivisions in nearby towns are now well placed in top of the line residential condominiums like in Botanika Nature Residences.

Most condominium property owners in Alabang are foreign nationals who work in the multinational manufacturing sites in southern Luzon. The latest of those condominium projects is Alturra, Bristol and Botanika Nature Residences.

In Alabang, the cost of living in terms of housing will depend on the size of the house or and the applicable rules and regulations governed by home owner associations. The cost of living for condominium dwellers fluctuates and depends on market forces.

Transportation is never a problem in the Philippines, more so if you choose to live in Ayala Alabang or in condominium like Botanika Nature Residences or Alturra. Public transports are abound 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Public transport include uber, grab, taxis, jeepneys and tricycles. There are local car manufacturers and known automobile brands like Toyota, Honda, Ford, Mitsubishi, Audi, Benz and BMW have dealerships in the area and maintain big assembly depots near Alabang. Buying a car would cost from P500,000 to below P1,000,000 for regular functional vehicles. For private vehicle owners, using the South Expressways entails paying highway toll fees.

Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) provides the electricity in Metro Manila which costs approximately P6.8 per kwh. LPG for cooking costs about P400 a month. Water service costs depend largely on how much is delivered through the mains

Live-in domestic help is a norm in the Philippines. The average pay for domestic helpers could range from P3,000 to 7000 per month per person excluding food and living quarters.

Food costs will really depend on your needs. A decent meal in an ordinary restaurant can cost approximatrely P70-P120 per person. A family of two who eat a mixture of imported and local food plus food for domestic staff, if any, would cost about P20,000 a month.Restaurants vary from fast food, (P50-149 ) buffet (P499 to 2500) A sumptuous meal in a good restaurant costs about P500.

Two of the best hospitals in Philippines and Asia is located in Alabang. A doctor appointment may cost P300-500 while specialists in the Asian Hospital would cost P700 – 1000 excluding incidentals.

Asian Hospital Alabang

Asian Hospital Alabang

You may have a totally different lifestyle, thus the cost of living in Alabang is not predictable. Rest assured though, that the cost to live in the southern district of Metro Manila is way much lower than the standard of living in Makati City.

The major factor on determining how much you would spend per month in living in Alabang is the type of dwelling place and the neighborhood you choose to belong to. A high standard of living would cost around P100, 000 per month. While it is less expensive living in other parts of the Philippines, the standard of living would be relatively high with modern facilities and infrastructure. Compared to other cities in Metro Manila, living in Alabang, Muntinlupa City is the next best thing you can decide on. So go for it!

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