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5 Good Reasons to Invest in the Philippines

Philippine Investment

The Philippines is headstrong in outperforming itself each year with strengthening its gross domestic product (GDP) performance. It is one of the best Asian countries with steadfast growth in economies. In the most recent years, the Philippines’ credit rating upsurges a notch higher as reported by Standard & Poor’s, Fitch Group and Moody’s global credit rating agencies. Relative to such credit rating increase is parallel growth in the country’s stocks trading platform, thus attracting more investors who definitely know their numbers.

Even if the numbers move a few notches from the recent credit ratings reports, there is no doubt that the Philippines is enjoying a healthful economy that is reason enough for you, as a would-be investor, to come in and invest in different themed condominium projects. There are hundreds of defining factors you must consider to totally embrace investing in Philippine properties but only the following five (5) top convincing reasons are presented here to justify a wise investment strategy.

(1) MARKET DEMAND GROWTH. The stellar growth performance of the Philippine real estate business has been a natural magnet for investors to check out remarkable commercial, business and residential development projects all over the of the country. Despite the deluge of calamities, Philippine economy’s growth rate soared to 7.2% in 2013. Luxury lifestyle-themed condominium sales multiplied by twice as much over the last couple of years, largely driven by both overseas and local investment.

(2) INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS OF PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT. The Filipinos are well known for gracious hospitality. The same is true for property developers who execute lifestyle condominium development with one thing in mind – to satisfy every client’s needs. That is why, real estate development projects by prestigious developers are well thought of and masterfully planned. Property developments created by the leaders in the industry, like Ayala Land, Megaworld, SMDC, Filinvest, etc. are measured in a consistent way, complementing a more transparent marketplace in order to gain greater public trust, increase market stability and consequently earn strong investor confidence.

(3) HIGH YIELD IN RETURNS. Wise investment is buying low and selling high – that is “flipping” in premium investor’s vernacular. These investors usually acquire property during the pre-selling stage of project development and resell at the proper time for maximum return of investment. Seasoned and reputable property developers carefully embark on projects with potential for capital appreciation and offer luxury properties which can generate the highest yield in returns.

(4) PEOPLE, CULTURE & GLOBALIZATION. Investing in Philippine real estate is pretty much like investing in your own homeland. Filipinos have long since adopted foreign culture and conveniently adapted to its influences resulting in a fascinating and interesting fusion of ‘east meets west’ society. Everything is within reach as premier property developers focused on building lifestyle condominium projects that are strategically and conveniently accessible to and from affordable luxuries, huge shopping malls that carry international products, the finest international schools and modern medical centers, five-star international hotels and restaurants offering global cuisine.

(5) COST OF LIVING and CLIMATE CONDITION. For investors buying property for permanent residency, the low cost of living in the Philippines is a major factor to consider. The Philippines is blessed with great climate condition all-year round that caters to senior citizen retirees from all over the globe who opt to settle in this cozy, warm and beautiful Philippine Islands.

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